10 Ways to Support Authors

Authors and their books love to be loved. Below are ten ways you can support authors and share their books with other readers. Some are simple tasks, others require a bit more time, but doing any of these ten things will help to keep the literary community alive and let both writers and readers know that their talent and time is valuable.

#1. Buy Another Book
This one sounds simple, but I don’t think it’s something many of us do too often. If you read a new release and love it, purchase one of the author’s previous books. Chances are good that if you liked his/her newest, you’ll also like another one of his/her stories. Or if you received a review copy of a book (and loved it), consider picking up a copy when the final book is published.

#2. Preorder a Book from a Local Bookstore
Even if the book isn’t yet available, preorders show early excitement for a book. Not only is this great for the writer, but it also puts the book on booksellers’ radars. [Note: This suggestion was edited after receiving a ton of responses from booksellers who were upset with the idea of customers rearranging books. There are some very great reasons to not re-organize books in a bookstore, and I apologize for the earlier suggestion.]

#3. Be Social
Follow the author on social media or subscribe for updates from their blog. Not only will this help them increase numbers, but you’ll also be the first to know about new books and blog posts!

#4. Write A Review On Your Blog
If you already review books on your blog, then you can check this one off of your list. If you have a blog, but don’t often review books, consider sharing a few that you truly love. It doesn’t have to be a regular feature, but “once in a while” is better than “never.”

#5. Write A Review Elsewhere
Take ten minutes to write a quick review on a book retailer’s website. Writing a review where people actually purchase books is helpful because not everyone searches for reviews elsewhere on the internet. If you are a frequent book blogger, copy and paste part of your reviews for the books you love the most on these websites. It won’t take much time, but it could have a big impact on sales.

#6. Send A Fan Letter
As long as it’s not creepy, most authors would love to hear how much you liked their book. A short letter or email would be greatly appreciated.

#7. Give The Gift Of Reading
If you read something that you think your best friend will love, wrap it up in pretty paper and give it as a random gift. Books are special gifts for readers, and you’ll be sharing something that’s important to you. You can always buy a duplicate copy to give as a gift if you want to keep a copy for yourself, but sharing the book is key.

#8. Talk About It
Even if you’re not willing to part with your copy of the book (or have the money to buy a second), simply talking about the book will help promote the author. Tell your friends about it. Tweet about it. Share a favourite quotation on Facebook. Post a photo of it (and your cup of coffee) on Instagram.

#9. Put In A Library Request
If the book isn’t in your public library, put in a simple request that it be added. Even if you’ve already read it, it will make it available to other readers.

#10. Read The Book
The most important thing you can do to support an author is simply read the book. This is why writers write. Even if doing any of the other things on this list seems impossible, know that you’re showing support just by reading.