5 Ways to Choose an Amazing Title for Your Manuscript

The title of your book is incredibly important. Even though a title will inevitably change through the publishing process (books are rarely called the same thing during the drafting and publication stages), having a great title can make your book stand out at every step. I’ve personally requested material based just on titles alone, so I know a great title is a powerful thing. 

Here are five ways to choose an amazing title for your manuscript: 

1. Picture the cover image in your mind. You’ve spent a lot of time writing your manuscript, and there’s probably a specific book cover image that you picture whenever you think about seeing it published (even if you know there’s a good chance it will look completely different in reality). Come up with a title that matches the image in your mind. 

2. Evoke a feeling. How do you want readers to feel after reading your book? Happy? Sad? Whatever it is, set that emotion and come up with a string of words to evoke that feeling. This sets the tone for your story before the reader even turns the first page. 

3. Use your character’s name(s). You’ve already spent a long time thinking about the name of your protagonist, so why not turn that name into your book’s first impression? The Adventures of X. The Sorrows of X. The Whatever of X. This system often works great for series. 

4. Highlight key phrases in your manuscript. If there’s an important moment or section of dialogue in your manuscript, highlight one-, two-, or three-word sections that stand out to you. Pulling key words from your manuscript is an easy way to find something that represents the entire book. 

5. Choose one word to summarize the book. Pull out a piece of paper and brainstorm single words that describe your story as a whole. Pick the best one (that hasn’t been used multiple times before—check Google) and run with it. A thesaurus will also be helpful.