Should Your Blog Be a Book?

There have been some amazing books created from online content. Bloggers are a smart choice as authors because they already write on a regular basis. If you’re a blogger, you know how much time and commitment it takes to run a successful blog. There’s a good chance you carry around a notebook to jot down blog post ideas, you have a strict writing schedule, and you spend 50% of your time promoting your content online. 

If you’re interested in turning your blog into a book, there are a few things that agents and editors are going to pay attention to. Here are some things to consider: 

Do you have the numbers? Publishers want to know how successful your blog is before they take a risk on your book. Knowing your monthly views, subscriber count, social media followers, etc.—and knowing they are impressive—is a very, very, very good thing. Proving that you have an interested following that eagerly awaits new content from you is a good sign that a book might be a good idea. 

Do you have the content? Even if you have the numbers, you need to have the right content. Can your blog posts be expanded upon? Is there a niche in the publishing world that you can fill? Blogs with specific topics and themes do much better during the blog-to-book process. If your posts are too generic, or cover too many topics, it can be difficult to come up with a great book idea. 

Do you have the work ethic? Even if you have a blog filled with (exciting) content, you will need to write new things for your book (otherwise no one will have a reason to buy it). Publishing a book is also a team effort (especially if you follow the traditional publishing route and do not self-publish); you will have input from many people on what is best for your book and for your brand. This is very different from running a website on your own. 

Do you have the patience? Book publishing takes a very long time. Blogging does not—you can write a blog post and hit “publish” immediately after. Realize that you will need to wait a much longer time for the writing you work on for a book to be shared with the world. 

If you think you’re ready to take the plunge and start creating a blog-to-book proposal, read this post next to see what you’ll need to include.