Talk to Your Agent!

This post is inspired by an anonymous question I recently received, asking me how often clients talk to their agents.

I receive questions about the author/agent relationship all the time. And you know what? Most of the time, the questions are extremely specific and personal… which means that many writers with agents aren’t actually talking to their agents.

So I’m going to say this once, and hope that it sinks in: TALK TO YOUR AGENT. Seriously. Just do it. Agents offer representation because THEY WANT TO WORK WITH YOU. If you are unhappy about something in your author/agent relationship, but never mention it to your agent, then it’s not going to change. If you want to ask your agent a question, but never hit send on your email, then it’s never going to be answered.

Your agent wants to hear from you. I promise. As for how often you talk, that’s up for the two of you to decide. I hear from some of my clients daily; others, I hear from once a month (maybe even less sometimes).

Personally, I let my clients dictate how often we speak (aside from the necessary updates I send about submissions or the publication process). If my clients want to talk to me more, I hope they know that they can call or email me whenever there is something they want to discuss (and if they didn’t know before, hopefully they know that now).

This whole author/agent thing is a business relationship. Communication needs to happen. Whether you prefer the phone, or email, or Skype, or text, you need to keep your agent updated with what’s going on. Your agent needs to keep you updated too. Let your agent know if you’re not happy. If you are happy. If you want to talk more. If your agent is practically stalking you and needs to back off a little bit. Just talk to your agent.