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Live Webinar: Writing, Revising, & Pitching Your Middle Grade Novel

My Writer’s Digest webinar Mastering Middle Grade returns on July 6th!

Mastering Middle Grade: Writing, Revising, and Pitching Your Middle Grade Novel includes a live presentation (plus access to the recorded version for a year), a Q&A session (where all questions will receive a response), and a critique of your query letter and the first 1000 words of your middle grade manuscript (all critiques will be completed by me). It’s going to be a great webinar for writers interested in the middle grade category who want to take their writing to the next level.

What you'll learn:

  • The common elements of a middle grade novel
  • What the current middle grade market looks like in publishing
  • What the middle grade audience is looking for in a book
  • The appropriate word count for middle grade manuscripts of all genres
  • The common themes in middle grade stories
  • How to write in the elusive middle grade “voice”
  • How to create engaging and diverse middle grade characters
  • The importance of a high concept plot with high stakes conflict
  • What mistakes to avoid in your manuscript's opening chapter
  • What a query letter is and why you want a literary agent
  • How to craft a successful query letter for your middle grade project
  • The best resources to bookmark as you continue writing, revising, and pitching

For more information about registration (including the official description, guidelines, and pricing), visit the webinar’s page on Writer’s Digest: Writing, Revising, and Pitching Your Middle Grade Novel