Book Deal: Ancestor Work by Sabrina Scott

I am thrilled to announce Sabrina Scott’s next graphic autoethnography, Ancestor Work, will be published by Weiser Books in Fall 2020.

Ancestor Work is a visual exploration of our relationships with those who have passed and the energies that ripple through generations. The book invites us to walk our own path, construct our own magic, and work with the love and pain of the lineages we were born into. Through both words and art, Sabrina Scott shares her personal journey of working with spirits.

Sabrina Scott has been reading tarot and doing witchcraft for twenty years. They went to their first séance at the age of eight, and grew up in Modern American Spiritualism. Their witchcraft practice is deeply intuitive and mediumistic, with a focus on trance, ecstasy, and communing with the dead. They see magic as a way of building relationships with non-human beings.

Aside from reading cards and providing professional witchy services, Sabrina is also an illustrator, graphic novelist, and academic. A PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies, Sabrina has lectured, taught, and facilitated workshops internationally.

Sabrina Scott’s first book, Witchbody, is available in March 2019. Follow Sabrina online to learn more about her work: and

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