Book Deal: Real Hero Shit by Kendra Wells

Kendra Wells’ graphic novel Real Hero Shit will be published by Iron Circus Comics in 2022. The publisher and Kendra explain the premise of this book much better than I ever could:

So the only son and heir of the queen was born under odd circumstances. And purple. With horns. NOT A BIG DEAL. And now he’s an adventurer! Taking Thieves Order contracts with total randos. IT’S FINE. EVERYTHING’S FINE. – Iron Circus Comics

Real Hero Shit is about a group of young fuck ups who have each inherited a legacy they don’t really want, and are forced to try to do good and not kill each other along the way. It’s the most self indulgent thing I have ever created and I am beside myself to be able to show it to you all. It’s queer as hell, weird as hell, with a healthy dose of horny. I hope you like it. – Kendra Wells


Stay up-to-date with Kendra’s projects online: / @kendrawcandraw

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