Meet some of the incredible writers and illustrators represented by Maria Vicente.


Caitlin Rose Boyle

Caitlin Rose Boyle is a cartoonist, working in comics and animation.

She is the co-creator and illustrator on Boom! Box's comic Jonesy and co-creator of the 2014 Nickelodeon Short Toon Buck n' Lou and the Night Crew.

Caitlin holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. She was awarded the 2017 Emerging Artist Nemo Award by the Toonseum in Pittsburgh, PA.

Her early reader graphic novel series, Frankie and the Creepy Cute Critters, will be published by Oni Press starting in Spring 2020.


Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke is a Toronto-based writer and editor. Her writing credits include "Home Sweet Huck" (Mark Millar's Millarworld Annual 2017), “Miss Monster” (Wayward Sisters), "Lungarella (Secret Loves of Geek Girls), "Behind Enemy Linens" (BLOCKED Anthology), "Home and Country" (Toronto Comics Anthology 2017) and more.

In addition to writing comics, she also edits them, having worked on such titles as We Are The Danger (Black Mask, 2018), Toronto Comics Anthology: Osgoode as Gold (TO Comix, 2018), and Project Solace.


Austin Gilkeson

Austin Gilkeson writes about all sorts of things, but the things he loves the most are the ones that go bump in the night. After getting his MA in English literature from the University of Chicago, he spent two years teaching elementary and junior high school English on a remote Japanese island.

His writing has appeared at The Toast, and his work for children has been published in the children’s literary magazines Underneath the Juniper Tree and Spellbound, and on the YA podcast Cast of Wonders. He lives with his wife and son in Chicago.



Mat Heagerty is a chipper bartender and comic book writer. He writes often funny, sometimes sci-fi stories for middle grade and young adult audiences. Mat lives in the Bay Area where he happily orbits around his daughter, wife, and black lab.

His upcoming books include Unplugged and Unpopular (Oni Press, October 2019), Martian Ghost Centaur (Lion Forge, 2020), A Jaywalker’s Journal (Oni Press, 2021), and Indoor Kid (Lion Forge, 2021).

JEN LEE_portrait.gif

Jen Lee

Jen Lee’s work consists of juvenile animals trying to make sense of their world. Jen is the creator of the webcomic Thunderpaw, and has had two graphic novels published by Nobrow Press: Vacancy and Garbage Night.

Growing up in a Florida beach town as a goth and first gen Chinese American, Jen preferred to spend a lot of their time indoors drawing. Later in adulthood they spent a few years of rural living in Idaho appreciating the quiet and making comics. Jen now resides in Los Angeles with their dog Sarah who is named after a viral video about a kayak.


Sam Maggs

Sam Maggs is the bestselling author of The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks, Wonder Women: 25 Innovator, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History, and Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships that Changed History. She also co-wrote Marvel Fearless and Fantastic!: Female Super Heroes Save the World (DK Books). Next up? Her middle grade fiction debut, Con Quest!, which will be published by Imprint (Macmillan) in Spring 2020, and Sirens of the Southern Seas, a YA graphic novel illustrated by Kendra Wells, set for publication in Fall 2020 by Abrams Books.

She is currently a Senior Writer for Insomniac Games. Her comics can be found in IDW’s Star Trek: Waypoint, IDW’s Jem and the Holograms, and Oni Press’ Invader Zim, and she has contributed to the anthologies The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and Becoming Dangerous.

Catherine Min.jpg

Catherine Min

Cat Min is an illustrator, animator, & writer based in New Jersey, USA. She is a member of SCBWI and can be found in Women Who Draw. She studied animation/film at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts and completed the Illustration & Visual Storytelling Summer Residency Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Her illustrations were recently featured in the 4th issue of The Protagonist Magazine and included in SCBWI’s Narrative Art Award 2017 gallery. She loves to doodle everything on anything.


Nina Nesseth

Nina Nesseth is a professional science communicator whose background is rooted in biomedical sciences and science communication, with a special interest in human biology.

She is a staff scientist at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario.

Nina's debut, The Science of Orphan Black: The Official Companion, co-written with Casey Griffin, was published by ECW Press in August 2017.



Ari W. North is a comic artist and writer living in Sydney, Australia. She took the leap from primary school teaching to comic creating when she placed third in LINE Webtoon's science fiction comic contest. She has a passion for character-driven science fiction and fantasy stories that center marginalized identities.

Ari is the author, illustrator and music composer for the webcomics Always Human and Aerial Magic.

megan orsini.jpg

Megan Orsini

Megan Orsini has always wanted to run away with the circus and has been hugged by scores of homeless men. She has an affinity for street performers and the quirky, magical worlds they inhabit. Megan received her MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and lives in a suburb of Northern Virginia where there are no street performers and too many politicians.


Nathan Page

Nathan Page was born in Kingston, Ontario, where he began writing and acting at an early age. He moved to Toronto in 2010.

Nathan is the co-creator and writer of the The Montague Twins YA graphic novel series. The first graphic novel will be published by Knopf Books for Young Readers in Summer 2020.


Samantha Puc

Samantha Puc is an essayist and culture critic whose work has been featured on Bitch Media, The Mary Sue, Bustle, and elsewhere. She mostly writes intersectional pop culture analysis with a particular focus on representation of LGBTQ and fat characters in fiction.

Samantha is the managing editor at The Beat, as well as the co-creator and editor-in-chief of Fatventure Mag, an outdoors zine for fat creators who are into being active, but not into toxic weight-loss culture.

She lives in Rhode Island with her partner and cats.


Sabrina Scott

Sabrina Scott has been reading tarot and doing witchcraft for 18 years. They went to their first séance at the age of eight and grew up alongside Modern American Spiritualism.

Sabrina lives in Toronto and, aside from providing professional witchy services, they are also an illustrator, graphic novelist, and academic. They have lectured, taught, and facilitated workshops in Canada and internationally.

Their first graphic novel, Witchbody, was nominated for the Doug Wright Awards, the biggest comics award series in Canada. Sabrina’s next book, Ancestor Work, will be published by Red Wheel/Weiser in Spring 2020.


Drew Shannon

Drew Shannon was born in London, Ontario, but moved to Toronto after graduating from Sheridan's Illustration program in 2011.

Some of his clients include the Globe and Mail, Washington Post, Reader's Digest, NPR, Unicef, and more. His illustrations can be found in Extreme Battlefields (Annick Press, 2016) and Out of the Ice: How Climate Change is Revealing the Past (Kids Can Press, September 2018).

Drew is the co-creator and illustrator of the The Montague Twins YA graphic novel series. The first book will be published by Knopf Books for Young Readers in Summer 2020.


Gennelle Smith

Gennelle Smith is a writer based in Toronto. After receiving her MA in Film & Literature from the University of York (UK), she worked in film production and spent a lot of time daydreaming on film sets.

She currently works on the digital side of children’s television and, when not exploring new places or inventing oddball characters, loves discovering new animated films, historical lit, and live comedy.

Meg Smitherman.jpg

Meg Smitherman

Meg Smitherman is an artist, podcaster, and novelist turned avid hockey enthusiast. She co-hosts the comedy hockey podcast Shut Yer Five Hole, writes about hockey for, and is often touted by strangers on Twitter (@megsauce) as “the reason I got into hockey.


Sarah Sawler

Sarah Sawler is the award-winning author of three books: 100 Things You Don't Know About Nova Scotia, 100 Things You Don't Know About Atlantic Canada - For Kids, and Be Prepared: The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, the Weather, and Everything (with Frankie MacDonald). She’s currently co-writing a middle grade novel about friendship, death, and tiny beings that live in the tidal flats.

When she’s not writing books, she’s working as a publicist for graphic novel publisher Conundrum Press, reviewing children’s literature, and writing web content for tech companies. She lives in Saint Margaret’s Bay with her partner, two kids, one cat, one dog, and one bearded dragon.


RuthAnne Snow

RuthAnne Snow was born and raised in Kaysville, Utah. She was a sorority girl in college and social activities director in law school—which was a lot like being back in the sorority.

She has interned for the U.S. Senate, worked on policy papers for Congress and the State Department, and once spent a year sorting through emails looking for fraud. It wasn’t nearly as fun as writing fiction.

She loves travel, dogs, horror movies, and baking.

Her debut Contemporary YA, When the Truth Unravels, was published by Sky Pony Press in January 2019.


Whitney Taylor

Whitney Taylor is a YA writer that only speaks one language—fangirl. When she’s not obsessing over fictional characters, she spends her time taking selfies, going on adventures with her husband, and eating way too much Texas barbecue. She resides in Dallas, where she works as an Executive Coordinator slash Professional Daydreamer. Her friends call her The Queen and she has a monogrammed robe to prove it. Bow down.

Her debut novel, Definitions of Indefinable Things, was published in April 2017 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers.


Tara Theoharis

Tara Theoharis is the creator of The Geeky Hostess, a geeky recipe and party site, and author of The Minecrafter's Cookbook. She has been creating recipes based on her favorite fandoms for 9 years and has written for Dungeons and Dragons, Nerdist, and many others.

She loves conventions and has spoken about geeky food at Emerald City Comic Con, GeekGirlCon, PAX West, and PAX East. When not writing or experimenting in the kitchen, she can be found playing games and binging TV shows with her husband in Seattle.


Andrea Towers

Andrea Towers is a writer and public relations professional currently working at Marvel Entertainment.

She has conducted interviews with top talent, writers, and directors, reported from hit television sets and red carpets, and provided coverage at major industry events such as San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, The Tony Awards, and The New York Television Festival.

Her work has been published in Entertainment Weekly, Paste Magazine, Mashable, Bustle, Brit & Co., CVLUX, Variety, and more.

Andrea’s debut book, Geek Girls Don’t Cry: Real-Life Lessons From Fictional Female Characters, was released by Sterling Publishing in April 2019.


Kendra Wells

Kendra Wells is an illustrator and comic artist based in New York. Previous clients include Lion Forge Comics, Z2 Comics, Boom! Comics, Geek & Sundry, and MTV Networks. They also publish comics with The New Yorker, The Nib, and The Lily. They like Dungeons & Dragons, karaoke, and swords.

Their graphic novel Sirens of the Southern Seas, co-created with Sam Maggs, will be published by Abrams Books in 2020.


Yao Xiao

Yao Xiao is a China-born illustrator based in New York City. Yao Xiao creates artwork depicting a poetic visual world where complex concepts and human emotions are examined, amplified, and given physical form.

Her work has helped people all over the globe connect at unique moments, from the celebration of the 20 Year Anniversary of the SXSW Interactive Festival, to the grand release of pop singer Katy Perry’s single ‘Dark Horse.’ She has created deeply emotional and beautiful graphics for editorial print publications, pop music record covers, concert posters and book covers.

Yao’s debut book, Baopu, will be published by Andrews McMeel in March 2020.



Wyeth Yates is a comic book artist and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. A life-long fan of comics, he decided to try making them and then forgot how to stop. He lives with a very talkative cat in a quiet end of town, where he runs D&D games and listens to music too loud. He hopes to be telling stories for the rest of his life.

Wyeth is the illustrator of The Castoffs Vol 2–4 (Lion Forge) and The Mars Challenge (First Second, Spring 2020).